Acupuncture and fertility, a natural pair

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As a Licensed Acupuncturist, I practice holistic medicine and one of my areas of special interest is fertility and helping women get pregnant naturally. Men and women can be challenged when it comes to being able to conceive. Acupuncture and Chinese herbs can be useful to re-balance the physical body, enhance fertility and calm the … Read more

How can acupuncture fit into your life?

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Admit it, you can feel it – fall is in the air! Your adventure-packed summer plans have all but come to fruition. It’s now time to get your ducks in a row, so to speak.  Summer – the ultimate, upward and outward expression of Yang energy – is turning downward and inward towards Winter – … Read more

Beauty is more than skin deep


I never would have predicted that I would become a practitioner of cosmetic acupuncture. I haven’t worn make up other than tinted lip balm since my 20s and I’m just not your typical consumer of beauty-related products. Clients and would be-clients have been asking “Can acupuncture help reduce these lines on my face?” or “Do … Read more

Finding the right acupuncturist for you


When you decide it’s time to choose a dentist, physician or other healthcare provider, what’s most important to you? Surely, the most important thing in choosing an acupuncturist is to ensure he or she is licensed and in good standing with state and national regulating boards. Safety is number one. Ok, you’ve checked the credentials … Read more

Self care to strengthen your lungs


With the equinox a month away on Sept 22, 2017, you’ve probably felt the crisp morning air telling us we are moving from summer into autumn. Autumn is one of the best times for a seasonal acupuncture tune up!  Now is the time of year when energy flows in and down. You may feel melancholy … Read more

Ancient wisdom for today’s ultrarunners

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Are you or someone you know training for an ultra? Outside Bozeman just published my article about the importance of moderation and prevention as part of a wise training approach. 

Acupuncture and the opioid crisis


You’ve heard a lot about the opioid crisis. But did you know that acupuncture is a safe alternative for treating chronic pain without the risk of addiction? We here in the Bozeman area are so fortunate to have access to acupuncture and a wide variety of alternatives for pain management. Check out this Bozeman Magazine commentary that … Read more

What to expect at Rootstock Acupuncture


Acupuncture can be an interesting hybrid between a medical procedure and a spa-like treatment. While it can address specific health concerns, it also engenders an overall feeling of ease – some clients have even described their experience as “sacred.” That said, my practice, Rootstock Acupuncture, is not a typical medical clinic or spa – it feels … Read more

Breathe: It makes everything better


While attending acupuncture school in Florida, I saw a bumper sticker that I absolutely loved: “If anything can go well, it will.”1 That’s Murphy’s Law turned on its head! We can apply the same idea to smoking cessation. Perhaps instead of thinking “I want to quit smoking” try: “I want to keep breathing!” Unfortunately, I’ve … Read more