Gua sha expert coming to Bozeman


You may have heard the term “gua sha” because it seems to be surging in popularity these days or you may even be practicing it yourself. Do you know everything it can be used for, what’s really happening under the surface, and the steps to take for public safety? Mark your calendar for November 9-10, … Read more

How can acupuncture fit into your life?

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Admit it, you can feel it – fall is in the air! Your adventure-packed summer plans have all but come to fruition. It’s now time to get your ducks in a row, so to speak.  Summer – the ultimate, upward and outward expression of Yang energy – is turning downward and inward towards Winter – … Read more

Acupuncture for Caregivers


A small group gathers in the parlor on the first floor of The Health Collective in downtown Bozeman, where I practice acupuncture. Sometimes we sit in silence, sometimes there is quiet music playing and sometimes we talk. Time to receive What matters most is that these individuals who are caregivers, for 30 minutes on a … Read more

Feeling “at home:” A powerfully content place to be

five element theory

Acupuncture acts as a compass leading us back to a state of homeostasis. Modern research shows numerous examples of acupuncture’s bi-directional regulatory action:1      “… lowers the blood pressure in patients with hypertension and elevates it in patients with hypotension…”      “… increases gastric secretion in patients with hypoacidity, and decreases it in patients with … Read more

Summer: Balancing the energetic and lazy aspects of the season


It’s official! I just heard my first ruby-crowned kinglet. We are entering the most yang, sunny, energizing phase of the year. Summer is here! Joyful signs of the season! I, like many, thrive in this time of the year – running, hiking and biking more. Gardening. Adventuring. Ingesting colorful eye candy otherwise known as flowers, … Read more

Acupuncture and the mind-body connection


As a holistic system of medicine, acupuncture is well-rooted in the belief that the mind and the body are inseparably linked. The mind not only includes functions like memory and cognition but also the ability to sleep and feel emotions. When one considers that Chinese medicine sees long-lasting or intense emotions as a cause of … Read more