How can acupuncture fit into your life?

Admit it, you can feel it – fall is in the air! Your adventure-packed summer plans have all but come to fruition. It’s now time to get your ducks in a row, so to speak. 


Summer – the ultimate, upward and outward expression of Yang energy – is turning downward and inward towards Winter – ultimate Yin. Figure out your priorities and get back to the basics of life and the work that brings you most purpose and meaning.

This time of year is also arguably the most important time of year when it comes to getting a seasonal acupuncture tune up.

People who have made acupuncture part of their regular healthcare routine know this. With acupuncture, Chinese herbs, or both, you can give your body a boost to weather this major seasonal transition with ease.

How do people use acupuncture to get and feel better? My acupuncture practice tends to be comprised of four general groups:

“Help, I’m struggling!”
Whether it’s anxiety, pain, and/or fertility challenges, for example, people will turn to acupuncture after trying many other modalities. Most of the time they are new to acupuncture and know someone who has had success with acupuncture treatment. Sometimes, they, themselves, have used acupuncture for acute illness or injury in the past and remember it’s a go-to treatment option for many conditions.

The once-a-monther-no-matter-what
Once someone has experienced acupuncture for themselves, they often make the lifestyle choice to truly make it part of their healthcare routine. Just like having a dentist or a primary care provider, having an acupuncturist means you have an established relationship. This is helpful because you can jump right into treatment to address bothersome conditions – such as sleep disturbances or neck tension – before they become bigger issues, and gain the insights of someone who already knows you.

Going with the seasonal flow
Sometimes people want to make acupuncture part of their healthcare routine but responsibilities and/or budget might make it difficult. That’s when tune ups are the answer. Well-timed treatments during seasonal or life transitions can help remind the body what it’s programmed to do on its own – maintain homeostasis, or balance. Seasonal tune ups lend themselves to the Five Element style of acupuncture, one of my specialties.

“If it can help me feel better about my appearance, I’m in!”
Other specialty areas that have grown in popularity are cosmetic acupuncture and weight loss support. Cosmetic acupuncture is for anyone wanting to improve skin and muscle tone of the face and/or neck in a gentle way and that does not involve surgery or injectables. Being proactive about skin health can keep you looking younger longer. Acupuncture is also known to help with appetite control, digestive issues, energy levels, hormones and more so it is a wise complement to a well-rounded weight loss program.

If you feel like you fit any of these four groups, then it might mean it’s time to experience (or re-experience) acupuncture. There’s no time like the present, especially when it’s fall!

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