Acupuncture Therapy

Gives your body a gentle nudge towards healing and homeostasis. Whether it’s Five Element, electroacupuncture, ah shi point needling, or an integration of practice styles, the treatment plan is always personalized for you.

Herbs & Body Work

When indicated, acupuncture sessions may include gua sha, ear seeds, advice on food remedies, and/or Chinese herbal formulas to promote your physical and mental well being and emotional balance.

Mei Zen Skincare

Mei Zen means “beautiful person” and uses an ancient needling technique to bring vibrancy and tone to your face and neck while benefiting your body as a whole. This holistic skin care system may also reduce anxiety, insomnia, hot flashes and digestive issues.

Rootsotck Acupuncture has helped my anxiety and stress

I came to Angie when I had multiple family issues, and the stress settled into my shoulders and neck. Angie’s sensitive and astute treatment allowed me to simply breathe. I loved my treatments! I was soon able to deal with my issues healthily on both a physical and emotional level. So thank you,… Read more “Rootsotck Acupuncture has helped my anxiety and stress”


Best acupuncture help for fertility

I will never be able to thank you enough for being such a wonderful healer in my life – and for your compassionate ear and supportive heart as I trudge through this fertility… Read more “Best acupuncture help for fertility”


Acupunture works great in Bozeman

Thank you, you made a believer out of me. -Retired chronic low back pain sufferer… Read more “Acupunture works great in Bozeman”


Acupuncture makes me feel better

Acupuncture makes me feel like myself again. – Working… Read more “Acupuncture makes me feel better”


Rootstock Acupuncture improves mood and energy function

Since going to see Angie I have seen a huge shift in my well being. I had a long list of health-related issues prior to seeing Angie and after the first session, I noticed an improvement in my mood and after a few weeks, my energy level increased. This is huge for me as I… Read more “Rootstock Acupuncture improves mood and energy function”


acupuncture feels great

I feel like a million bucks!  –  New client after her first… Read more “acupuncture feels great”


Acupuncture treatments are very beneficial

Thanks again for the session today.  I have found your treatments so beneficial to me!… Read more “Acupuncture treatments are very beneficial”

- N.

Acupuncture makes me feel good.

Whew! What a difference. I feel gooooood! Thought you should know. Thanks!… Read more “Acupuncture makes me feel good.”


I appreciate Rootstock Acupuncture treatments

I have hormonal imbalances and acupuncture restored my regular cycles.  I appreciate so much that I can go to Rootstock Acupuncture to be treated for issues that conventional medicine only masks with… Read more “I appreciate Rootstock Acupuncture treatments”

-A. F.