Summer: Balancing the energetic and lazy aspects of the season

It’s official! I just heard my first ruby-crowned kinglet. We are entering the most yang, sunny, energizing phase of the year. Summer is here!

Joyful signs of the season!

sun heart

I, like many, thrive in this time of the year – running, hiking and biking more. Gardening. Adventuring. Ingesting colorful eye candy otherwise known as flowers, foliage, birds, bees, snakes, mushrooms… I love it all!

I’m a planner by nature – having something to look forward to on the calendar is half the fun for me. That said, I also see the value in creating a balance of planned activities AND room for spontaneity – offering me the choice to be energetic or enjoy the concept of long, lazy days of summer.

Running-wise, I’m considering trying something a little different this summer – running for the pure pleasure of it with no obligation. Rather than sign up for a race that requires long training runs that eat up my free time, maybe I’ll volunteer for the Ridge Run which has become an annual tradition in our family.

How will you choose to spend your summer?

I look forward to biking or walking to The Health Colletive where I practice three days a week and lunching out of doors to soak up the glorious sun. On my off days, I’ll be adventuring with our Dodge Grand Caravan Sport turned camping mobile, playing intensely with my three year old, consciously creating time with friends, and essentially being in “stay-cation mode” to enjoy all the activity and restfulness summer in Southwest Montana has to offer.