Rootstock Acupuncture improves mood and energy function

Since going to see Angie I have seen a huge shift in my well being. I had a long list of health-related issues prior to seeing Angie and after the first session, I noticed an improvement in my mood and after a few weeks, my energy level increased. This is huge for me as I had been very sick for over a year. The other things on my health issues list have improved so dramatically that many aren’t a problem anymore. I have been seeing her now for about 3 months. Without going into detail regarding the particular health issues I want to express that because of Angie at Rootstock and my acupuncture sessions with her I am doing better than I have been in a very long time, for many years. I have told her I am starting to feel like myself again, and that has been a long time coming. I’m very grateful to have chosen Angie and I highly recommend her as she is as dedicated to your health vision as you are. She is patient, kind, a good listener and takes time to discuss and understand you and your health issues. When you are in a session with her, you are the only one she is concerned with. She is very aware of you and your comfort, and for those worried about the needles, she is gentle with the needles. I have to say if you’re looking for someone to help you with whatever health issues your facing, then I would book a session with Angie at Rootstock and experience it for yourself.

All I can say is I’m very grateful for Angie’s expertise, genuine care, and her help in my healing. It has made a huge difference in my health, my well being and my life. So thank you Angie!”