For the love of Nature

It is so gratifying, as a small business owner, to contribute to Bozeman, a community I love and have called home for almost 22 years. For the month of June 2017, new Rootstock Acupuncture clients had the opportunity to select the “Support Story Mill Community Park” option when booking their first appointment. Eight new clients chose to do so!

StoryMill BridgerDrive Sketch

Together, we raised $160 for Bozeman’s newest and greatest park. Story Mill Community Park is not just any park – it has restored wetlands and trails that afford a true nature experience right here in town. This artist’s sketch provided by the Trust for Public Lands captures the vision.

As a Master’s student at The Academy for Five Element Acupuncture in Florida, one of my courses was “Inner Development of the Practitioner.” Nature journaling throughout the seasons was one of the assignments – the idea being that practitioners are most effective when we are able to focus our intention. 

Only when there is stillness inside, can we focus that intention. 

“On my way to this spot I am reminded how much I love the land we call Montana. In its climate I feel human again – a most welcome change from Florida’s humidity. On its terrain I feel alive and don’t have to go far to climb a hill. I welcome the familiar sound of quaking aspen rustling in the breeze – a sound I have not heard since last fall.”

– Angie Kociolek’s Nature Journal from Triple Tree Trail, July 2011

Whether I am sitting or moving, I find my stillness in Nature. It’s why I call Bozeman, Montana my home and why I do my part  to conserve it – within in the City limits and as public lands and wilderness beyond.

“The sun is still fairly low in the sky but promises warmth in the coming day. Its rays bring out the vibrancy in the gold-green shoots of an ash tree – a sign of leafy riches to come. A man walks by with a knee brace, perhaps concentrating on not limping, slight smile on his face – the sheer joy of a simple walk among trees.”

– Angie Kociolek’s Nature Journal from a spur of the Gallagator Trail, February 2011