5 ways to proactively stay healthy (and have fun) in Winter

  1. Wear a scarf! We all know that hand washing is one of the best lines of defense against external pathogens. But did you know that wearing a scarf owl scarfprotects you from what Chinese medicine calls “Feng.” Feng, which translates to English as “Wind,” is not just the literal movement of air. It carries with it other nasty things that can cause illness like “Han” which translates as “Cold” and “Shi” which translates as “Dampness.” By keeping your neck warm and covered, you give your immune system the edge. Plus, a plethora of styles and colors makes scarf wearing fun!
  2. Exercise outside in the sunlight (or indoors, if you prefer). The key is to not overdo it and be sure to not get caught out in the cold when you are sweaty. When you sweat, your pores are open and less able to fend off Wind and other external pathogens.
  3. Drink hot miso and scallion soup at the first telltale signs of a cold coming on and bundle up to break a sweat. Scallions are considered a Chinese herb that “Releases the exterior.” You can think of it as a way for your body to expel a pathogen before it has a chance to get deeper into your body and get you sick. If you are prone to colds and flu, start proactively boosting your immune system now.
  4. Remember Winter is the time to recharge. Sleep as much as you can and do Yin activities that engender a feeling of stillness – whatever that might be for you.
  5. Prioritize and choose. What’s most important to you? Which tasks, obligations… and parties!? Health is the state of balance. Give yourself the gift of a not having to do it all.