Beauty is more than skin deep

I never would have predicted that I would become a practitioner of cosmetic acupuncture. I haven’t worn make up other than tinted lip balm since my 20s and I’m just not your typical consumer of beauty-related products.

Clients and would be-clients have been asking “Can acupuncture help reduce these lines on my face?” or “Do you know of a safer alternative to botox or surgery?”angie kociolek mei zen blog

I knew it was time to go beyond my professional growth edge.

There are several styles of acupuncture that can result in rejuvenating effects on the skin. I chose to become trained in Mei Zen Cosmetic Acupuncture taught by Dr. Martha Lucas. (Mei Zen is pronounced "may zen.")

Mei Zen translates as “beautiful person” which I love because it’s about more than just outward appearances.

The Mei Zen technique is very shallow but deep enough to increase qi, blood and oxygen and improve the collagen and elastin matrix.

Every Mei Zen Cosmetic Acupuncture treatment for the face or neck is combined with an individualized constitutional acupuncture point selection to re-establish

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