Relief for anxiety that makes you feel good without unwanted side effects

One of the most satisfying aspects of my work is bringing relief to those suffering from anxiety. In my role as an Licensed Acupuncturist, I am trained to see the connections between the body, mind, spirit and emotions. I ask each client where in her body she feels what she calls “anxiety.” Some people report it as persistent feeling in the gut, others as heart palpitations, and others as tension in the head, for example. Anxiety may manifest itself very differently from person to person. pulse crop

You are not alone

Anxiety, worry or fear can all be a normal response to stressors, real life situations, or things that can cause harm. These emotions can motivate us to take action. But sometimes the uneasy feeling lingers, affects sleep, and diminishes quality of life.

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, an estimated 40 million American adults suffer from some kind of anxiety disorder but only about a third receives treatment. Their website has a useful chart to help you determine the difference between everyday anxiety

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